Press Department                                      Robotic Weld Department

Since opening in 1952, Hamlin Tool & Machine Co. has been committed to producing quality products  on time to meet the demands of our customers. 

Our presses range in size from 100 to 800 ton capacity. Our 600 ton presses have rolling bolsters for quick die change capability.


600 ton presses have progressive and transfer die capability. Our newest 600 ton press has the ability to transfer parts down and back, thus doubling the size of press beds.


Hamlin Tool specializes in high quality metal stampings

produced on our well-equipped Minster press lines.

We utilize the latest press technology to provide us with

the ability to execute quick job set-ups and coil changes.

this keeps job costs low and part repeatability high.

Trust Hamlin Tool to provide a solution for your company’s

production requirements for on-time, defect-free parts.